100 Rounds Extreme Open Pan America Match 9mm, .38, .40 "Official Match Ammunition"

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ELEY Minor 9mm 115,124, & 147gr Competition Pistol Ammunition

ELEY .38 Super Comp Ammo Major 124 gr. FMJ RN.

The reference firearms for Minor9 Pistol are CZ Shadow 1 4.7” barrel, CZ Shadow 2 with 4.7” barrel, Glock 34 Gen5 5.31” barrel, Walther PPQ 4” barrel, Smith M&P Core 4.2” barrel and the Tanfoglio Stock 2 4.45” barrel.

The reference firearm for Minor9 PCC is MBX-PCC Multi Rifle with 13" Barrel and the CMMG Resolute 100 with 16.1" Barrel.

9mm Average power factor across all reference firearms including all bullet weights = 130pf for minor


Full-Metal Jacket

1.15” Overall Loaded Length.

.38 Super comp 124 gr FMJ RN = 165 Major pf

.40 cal. 180 gr. Round Nose = 170 Major pf

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