Finally after years and years of bending over to reset foot activators, I came up with the idea and design of a self resetting Stomp Pad,it was proven to be flawless, as we had 3 of them in the USPSA Area 6 match, and not one failure in over 400+ competitors,the only problem was like normal if the activator stick for the swinger isn't on the marks!when you stomp on the pad, it activates whatever you attach to it, and is reset as soon as you release the pad. AMAZING!!!it comes with the cable and connectors to attach to your activator cable, portable at 30 pounds, intro price for the Manny Stomp Pad is $190, shipping on average seems to be about $40. Save your back today, and order one. you can order your today on the lower part of the store.

thanks and happy Stomping!!