Target/Board size 

2X2-2x4 for Rimfire, Centerfire 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 4x4

Objective:  There is a upper, and a lower line on the board, the person or team that makes the top part of the board fall beyond 90 degrees of the lower part is declared the winner.

Gun Specifications Singles Event

1. allowed guns are any Semi Auto, Revolver, or PCC

  1a Revolver, No speed loaders are allowed, rounds must be loaded 1 at a time by hand, if a

       moon clip is used, then each round must be placed in it by hand one at a time.

  1b Semi Auto and PCC, magpul type speed loaders are allowed, but rounds must be loaded

       Only 1 round at a time by hand., 

2. Up to 10 rounds total can be in the gun or magazine at any time.

3. Maximum Caliber .45, no magnums above .44

Rimfire Event:  Same gun specs as singles event, and team event, except PCC becomes rimfire rifle, and caliber is Limited to a max of .22 long rifle rimfire, a speed loader may be used, but each round must Be placed in the Magazine or Revolver one at a time by hand.

Divisions: All Centerfire guns will compete together in one Division unless a minimum of 8 participate in a specific Division (Optic Centerfire, Optic Revolver, Iron Sight Centerfire, Iron Sight Revolver, PCC) Then it will split off and be recognized seperately.

Team Event:2-4 Person Team

1. Same Gun Specs. As Singles Event except 2nd-4th mags & guns are empty.

2. all additional guns start Completely empty, slide forward hammer down, or cylinder closed

3. shooter #2, can start to load their magazine or revolver after the initial start signal, but cannot pick the gun up to shoot until active shooter has placed their empty gun on the table,  at which time only the next shooter in line can load their gun (semi auto, PCC, or pick up the loaded revolver and begin shooting, as soon as a shot has been fired from competitor #2, Competitor #3 can start to load up to 10 rounds in a magazine or revolver, and so on...

4. A rotation of competitors must be implemented every stage, every shooter must go 1st before anyone goes first twice.

Scoring Options:

Time Based:  Singles event, Quickest overall time for all the stages combined.

Bracket Based:  Bracket based with a dual or triple elimination bracket.

Points Based Team Event:  Random Draw for the team members, every stage the winning team receives 1 point, the losing team receives -0- points. the person with the most points after all stages is the champion, or in case of a tie, all the shooters with the most points will draw for a team and shoot off until a winner is decided with the most points.

February 23, we will either run the above, or you can pick your team, we will see what the consensus says!!

signup will open on on February 1

The Match Director/Range Master has the final say on what can and cannot be used.