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Grip Tape for Glock Pistols


 Grips to fit Glock (3 Pack) similar to Tru Grip

The Lowdown

  • Precise Fit - Each Grip is CNC cut
  • Conformal - Stretches to fit
  • Two-piece grip for 360 degrees of coverage
  • Models to fit most models 17, 22, 34, 35.
  • Just the right grit - sticky enough to give traction but smooth enough to allow you to shift your grip
  • Well-suited for Competition use, Law Enforcement duty use, or Military.
  • Fire control group takedown pin is left exposed. No need to remove grips to detail-strip the receiver.
  • Skin friendy - unlike coarser tapes
  • No need to sand the texture off your grip to get the tape to adhere